Best Portable Ice Makers Reviews 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Summers, parties, get- together or any special meal, one thing that has an ominous presence in all these occasions is “ICE”. Yes, without ice you won’t have your drinks cooler, smoother and delectable; just the way you love to have them. Now, imagine all this without ice. Horrible isn’t it. We know it is, to even think that you can’t have chilled beers, relishing pina colada’s and scrumptious cocktail/mocktails because you just ran out of your Ice Supply. But, if you have the best Ice Maker at hand you never have to think about your ice inventory.

Top 6 portable ice maker

The portable Ice maker offers you a consistent supply of ice to make fun time cold and refreshing. Depending upon the type and capacity, a portable ice maker delivers you the right sized cubes in the required quantity. It’s easy to use, clean and easy to get parts and accessories of it.

If this makes you interested in buying a personal ice maker, Congratulations, as you are going to have a blasting summer. But, before you enter the market it is important that you do enough homework to grab the best and affordable for you. Here we offer you some great options to choose from:

Top 6 Portable Ice Maker  of 2017

1. Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker

Love to have a never ending supply of Ice, you must buy this amazing product. The Avalon Baynugget ice maker for home AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker is a compact machine that offers you lots and lots of ice as and when you feel thirsty. It easily fits into small kitchens and you do not have to think twice before carrying it to picnic, fishing, and camping to have chilled drinks at your disposal. It offers you instant ice maker with no hassles. It is easy to install and use. The machine offers you easy tips for making ice through its smart indicator system. There is more; the machine makes you ice as fast as 15 minutes. Isn’t it great? Here are some unique features of this must have cheap price:

Key Features:

  • Compact in size and lightweight to accompany you on your outdoor adventures.
  • The ice maker can produce 28 pounds of ice per day, thanks to its powerful compressor.
  • Easy to use the ice maker takes not more than 15 minutes to deliver you a whole lot of cool & crispy ice.
  • For urgent requirements, the ice maker delivers bullet shaped ice every 6 minutes. So, no more wait for frozen margaritas or chilled ice tea.
  • The ice maker comes with a smart indicator system that signals you when the ice is ready or when you need to fill the ice tray with water.
  • Automatic overflow indication and bottom drain facility for easy cleaning.
  • Two different ice settings for instant ice making.

 Product Specification:

  • Dimensions:    11 inches x 14.8 inches x 14.7 inches
  • Weight:             21.2 pounds
  • Installation:      Not Required
  • Guarantee:      1-year manufacturer guarantee


  • For your instant thirst, the machine offers bullet shaped ice in as fast as 6 minutes.
  • Hassle free functioning, all you need to do is plug the machine, fill the water and wait as the ice is made instantly.
  • It delivers a whopping 28 pounds of ice per day which caters all your needs.
  • It uses R-134A refrigerant which is an approved environment-friendly refrigerant.


  • The ice cubes produced through this ice maker might be small for your expectations.
  • It produces wet ice so you need to do some extra efforts making it dry.


2. NewAir AI-100R 28-Pound Portable Icemaker, Red

If you are not a fan of black color here is something brighter and equally efficient. The red Undercounter Clear Ice Maker with Drain Pumpcolored NewAir AI-100R 28-Pound Portable Ice maker is the stylish  ice maker as per the user’s review. The counter-top ice maker makes instant ice and sits aesthetically on your kitchen counters or party rooms. It is capable of making 28 lbs of ice per day. You can also carry this ice maker in your RV, Boat or take it along for picnics and camping for ready ice supply. It has an easy to use control panel supported by LED technology so you can have ease of use. The ice maker ensures that you have a running supply of ice cubes to make your drinks, sodas, pina colada and cocktails cool and refreshing. The ice generation is really fast and you have to wait just 15 minutes to grab your supply of ice after adding the water to the machine. There is a small see through window at the top of the machine so that you can see how the ice is made. There is much more to discuss this machine, here are some of the key features this automatic ice maker offers:

Key Features:

  • It is a compact machine that easily sits on your kitchen counter or other small spaces.
  • The red color adds a star to its visual appeal.
  • The machine is able to produce 28 lbs of ice in a day.
  • You can make ice in only 15 minutes and the ice comes out completely fresh and tempting.
  • The user-friendly LED Control makes it a hassle free machine that even a child can operate. You can choose the settings and have ice as per your need.
  • Consistent production of ice for all your needs at any time of the day, all you need to do is plug it and fill the water supply.

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions:   14.5 inches x 11.8 inches x 15 inches
  • Weight:            24.3 pound
  • Installation:    Counter Top
  • Voltage:          120 volts
  • Ice Storage:    28 lbs
  • Color:              Red


  • Reliable and consistent supply of ice in every 15 minutes.
  • The machine has an insulated storage chamber that keeps the ice in shape for some time.


  • The water pump might give you some trouble after using the machine for 8-9 months.
  • The ice maker shuts off automatically after it produces a ½ gallon of ice which at the time cause trouble as the ice melts.

3. Igloo 26 Lbs Counter Top Ice Maker, White

Have an unplanned gathering at home and all you have an empty freezing compartment.countertop ice maker dispenser in white color for kitechen Fret Not, the incredible Igloo 26 Lbs Counter Top Ice Maker, White is here to your rescue. It comes in a striking white color and a useful compact size which makes it the desirable  to use in kitchens, offices and outdoors. With this compact ice maker at use, you don’t have to worry about the ice supply. It offers two different size ice cubes and has an inbuilt 2.3 Quart Reservoir.  You can make ice easily with the single push of a button. The LED indicator on the ice maker indicates when the ice is c so that you can serve chilled cold drinks, lemonades, sodas and much more. The ice maker produces 26 lbs ice in 24 hours which means that you can throw a good party without worrying about your ice inventory. Easy to plug and use, a machine is a compact tool that you must possess for a refreshing summer. Here are some insights of this incredible stainless steel ice maker:

Key Features:

  • Striking appearance; black color and portable design that fits counter-tops of kitchen & office, and outdoor needs.
  • The first batch of ice is ready in just 6 minutes.
  • The portable ice maker offers two ice cube settings to choose from: small & large.
  • Electronic LED control offers an indication as soon as the batch is ready.
  • The machine has an inbuilt 2.3 Quart Reservoir and produces over 26 lbs of ice per day.
  • Easy to plug and use as the product comes with the single electric opening.

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions:   13 inches x 9 inches x 13 inches
  • Weight:           19.1 pound
  • Installation:    Not Required
  • Voltage:         120 volts
  • Material:        Steel (including door and rest of the body)


  • Instant ice in two different sizes; large and small for instant ice requirements.
  • The machine produces 26 lbs ice a day, no worries of cool refreshing drinks for the parties.
  • You only have to wait for 2 hours before you start using this machine as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.


  • You need to be attentive while extracting the ice as the maker might rip the cubes.
  • The storage area of the machine does not keep the ice in shape for long hours because it is just insulated.


4. Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice Maker, 28-Pound

Plan parties, picnic, get together and camps without worrying for chilled drinks at service. Withstainless steel portable ice maker for camping and car travelling Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice Maker, you have a running and dependable supply of ice for your use. The machine is a beautiful metallic gadget that sits on your kitchen counters and helps you serving refreshing and cool drinks. It is made of stainless steel and thus maintaining it is an easy task. You can also take this machine to your office. In fact, it is one renowned office ice makers in the market. The machine has a god ice capacity of 2.15 lbs which means you can have lots and lots of ice easily. There is a push button LED control panel on this machine which makes the machine extremely user-friendly. This can be claimed as the best ice maker as it produces hard ice that lasts long unlike the cloudy ice that melts instantly doing nothing but diluting your drinks to taste bland. The ice maker produces 28 lbs ice in a span of 24 hours and takes only 15 minutes to produce one batch. Some striking features of this machine are as follows:

Key Features:

  • The machine has a stainless steel finish which accentuates its visual appeal and makes it easy to maintain at the same time.
  • It is blessed with advanced commercial ice making technology which makes clear ice.
  • It has internal ice storage of 2.15 lbs offering you ice for a long time.
  • The ice maker produces ice instantly and each ice producing cycle takes only 15 minutes.
  • The LED control panel is easy to use and the machine indicates when the ice is made & also raises alarm for low water levels.
  • You can easily produce 28 lbs of ice per day in this machine and have ice at your disposal always.

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions:   11.3 inches x 14.8 inches x 14.1 inches
  • Weight:            25.5 pound
  • Installation:     Counter Top
  • Voltage:            110 volts
  • Ice Cycle:          15 minutes
  • Technology:      Advanced Commercial Ice Making Technology


  • The biggest advantage of this machine is that it produces clear ice, unlike other ice makers that offer cloudy ice. Clear ice melts relatively slow.
  • The stainless steel finish makes it look attractive, and you can thus place it anywhere.


  • It might show some issues in storing the ice made. The ice thus melts and overflows on your counters.
  • The weight of the machine is on the heavier side, so it is a bit unjustified to call it a portable ice maker.


5. Della Portable Ice Maker, Produces up to 26 lbs. of Ice Daily, 2-Size (Black)

If you are searching for an attractive portable ice maker that makes you instant ice, look no best home ice maker in black colorfurther as Della Portable Ice Maker is the portable counter ice maker. It comes in a striking black color that makes it the most appreciated ice maker. Due to its compact size, it is easy to carry to picnics, fishing, camping, etc. No matter you have a party or traveling to the other city, whenever you need cool, refreshing drinks, Della Portable ice maker has instant ice ready at your service. The incredible machine is capable of producing 26 lbs ice per day easily. All you need to do is fill the water supply and plug the machine into an electric socket, wait for a few minutes and viola!! Your ice is ready. Besides making great ice, the machine has an insulated storage area that had 1.5 lbs storage capacity. So you can store your ice in the cabinet and make fresh ice altogether. The professional ice maker produces 2 different types of bullet ice for your use. There is more; the ice maker has a see-through window so that you can see your ice in making. Here are some more amazing features of this portable ice maker:

Key Features:

  • Della Portable Ice Makers makes ice as quick as possible. It takes 6 minutes to deliver you bullet shape ice cubes.
  • Using the ice maker is very easy, thanks to the user-friendly control panel that allow you to switch on/ off the machine and choose ice settings as per your needs.
  • It has the capacity of making 26 lbs of ice in 24 hours, that too in two different sizes.
  • The machine has an insulated storage cabin with 1.5 lbs capacity.
  • The machine raises alarms as and when the ice bucket is full or it is running out of water supply so that you can do the needful.

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions:   17 inches x 13 inches x 16 inches
  • Weight:           20.5 pound
  • Installation:   Not Required
  • Voltage:         115 volts
  • Material:        Steel (including door and rest of the body)


  • The machine has water reservoir of a ½ gallon which means you don’t have to fill it very often.
  • You are feeling thirsty, while you make your drink, switch on the ice maker and you have instant ice within 6 minutes.


  • The machine makes a lot of noise as the batch of ready ice falls in the chamber.


6. EdgeStar IP210TI Titanium Portable Ice Maker, Gray

If your party gets over much before the time because of Ice, you must grab this Ice Maker rightcommercial undercounter ice maker away. A striking gray colored machine that vends you ice instantly, what’s great than this? The machine is blessed with instant ice making technology that makes bullet shaped ice as fast as 10 minutes. The ice is in great shape and the best part is it looks cool on your bars, kitchen counters and break rooms. Being portable and lightweight, you can carry it easily to your outdoor trips like boating, picnics, camping and more. The EdgeStar IP210TI Titanium Portable Ice Maker, Gray is able to produce 20 lbs of ice per 24 hours and that too in 3 different sizes. So, just plug it & set the size and time setting and there comes your batch of ice in just 10 minutes. The control panel is also very simple and at the same time effective in making great ice. So never go out of ice and make your drinks cool & refreshing with this portable ice maker. Some striking features of EdgeStar IP210TI Titanium Portable Ice Maker include:

Key Features:

  • Simple mechanism & easy to use: plug the machine, fill water in the reservoir and let the machine work.
  • The first batch of ice is ready in just 10 minutes so while you make your drink, the machine works to make perfect ice cubes.
  • It has a great capacity to produce a total of 20 pounds of ice in 24 hours time.
  • You don’t have to drain the excess water as the machine takes all the unused ice and water back into the cycle to make fresh ice.
  •  Easy to clean and maintain, this gray color table top ice maker fits small spaces perfectly.

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions:     14.5 inches x 11.8 inches x 14.5 inches
  • Weight:              31 pound
  • Installation:      Counter Top
  • Voltage:            110 volts
  • Ice Cycle:          10 minutes


  • The machine is free from a draining system which means that if you have any excess ice in the machine that turns to water when not used, the machine will automatically utilize it to make fresh ice.
  • The ice cubes are purely tasteless and hence you do not get a bland taste in your drinks and thus can enjoy the original flavor.
  • Great ice without a break and the ice has a long age.


  • The initial time that the machine takes to settle might be too much to wait for ice.
  • The machine is too heavy to be claimed as a portable machine.


How to choose the best portable ice maker?

Ice is important to make the best time of your summers. You can’t have your favorite cold drinks without lots and lots of ice, while your refrigerator’s inbuilt freezer takes a lot of time and might get little too small for your ice needs, buying a portable ice maker offers you a consistent supply of ICE. However buying the portable ice maker might be troublesome considering the number of varieties available in this category. You have to look for a number of things to ensure that you grab the best product because summers are already here and you need your supply of ICE. So, how to ensure that you get the best product, here are some important aspects that you must consider while buying table top ice maker:


The first and foremost thing to consider is the type of portable ice maker you want to buy. There are many types of the ice maker in the market like crushed ice maker machine, portable  ice maker, portable nugget ice maker, etc. You have to decide beforehand which type of ice maker you need. This depends on your requirement of ice. If you are making frozen drinks, crushed ice maker machine would be the best while for camping and picnics a portable bullet ice maker machine is a great option.


Once you know what type of ice maker you want, it is a brand that comes second in the list. Any Ice maker that comes from a renowned lineage would be the best one. The brands ensure that they offer best features and customer satisfaction with each product to maintain their goodwill and reputation in the market. You will have access to quick customer service, a great warranty and years of reliability if you buy a portable ice maker from a renowned brand.


Another important aspect that you must keep in mind while buying office ice maker is the capacity. There are different types of the ice maker in the market that offer a variety of capacity. You can choose from 20 lbs, 28 lbs or 50 lb ice maker as per your need. The capacity simply indicates how much ice an ice maker would be able to make in 24 hours time.


The ice makers today are equipped with advanced technology. Not only you can select the size of the ice cube you want but with ice maker, you can also make ice that is clear and not cloudy. Clear ice has a long life as it melts slowly when compared with cloudy ice.

Other features:

Last but not the least there are some other features that must be a part of your scrutiny. You must consider the type of refrigerant it uses, how much voltage it requires to operate, the weight and size of the machine also makes an important criterion as you might have to carry it outdoor. Heavy machines are certainly not a popular choice.


Benefits of portable ice maker:

Ice makers have changed the view of perceiving winters and chilled drinks. They are one innovation in the field of home and living that has made every party lover happier. Though you might have a refrigerator at home that makes lots of ice, it would run out of supply when there are more than 2 or 3 families at your home for a meal or some drinks. At such a time, table top ice makers come to your rescue. Here are 6 incredible benefits that the portable ice maker offers:

A portable help:

All you need is an electric plug and you can take your ice maker along to any such place. The mini ice makers are compact and lightweight to take along. You can use them for parties & get-togethers both indoor and outdoor. If you have a DC adapter, you can plug this machine into your car and enjoy a reliable supply of ice. The size also ensures that they do not take much space on your kitchen counters or break rooms.

Instant ice:

While the regular freezers take hours to make ice, portable ice makers deliver the same in minutes. With technology becoming advanced the time of making ice has become relatively quick. Some home ice maker machine delivers ice within 6 minutes which is a boon for drink lovers. No matter how many cups, ice trays or any other container you fit in your freezer you will run out of supply when you have a party or a dinner at your home. But, with a portable ice maker, the ice supply is consistent.

No drain or water line:

While big ice makers need a drain pump or an expensive water line installation, it don’t need so. You can add as much water is allowed manually and the ice maker makes you perfect ice. Most of the latest portable countertop ice makers have this amazing feature of utilizing the excess water to make fresh ice. So you don’t have to worry about a permanent line or install an expensive drain pump with these cheap ice makers.

Great storage:

Don’t get fooled by their small size as for their size, they produce much more amount of ice than expected. On an average portable ice, makers can make 20-28 lbs of ice in 24 hours. Also, it has great storage to hold the produced ice.

Hassle free:

The portable ice makers are very easy to use. You don’t have to be a pro to put them in use. All you need to do is plug them and fill the water supply, now wait for a few minutes until the ice maker indicates that your ice is ready.

A variety of ice:

Magic Chef portable ice maker offers you an option to make a variety of ice. You can choose the ice type; cloudy or clear and ice size; large or small as per the need of the hour. They also produce bullet shaped ice cubes which are indeed a delight to add to your drink.



A portable ice maker is as important as is ice for is drink in summers. You need to have the ice maker at your disposal to enjoy your parties, picnic, camping and more. There are many products on the market claiming to be the best; however, it becomes imperative to take essential care while buying a portable ice maker for use. Ice maker not only makes you ice but also helps you make an impression and enjoy with your family and friends. So, buying it is an attention seeking task. With little care and efforts, you can buy the best one for you and serve chilled drinks to your family and friends this summer. So what are you waiting for, buy the Best Portable Ice Makers right away?